Red Chair Journey – Grand Teton National Park – Jackson Hole – Wyoming

Why you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 😉

The Red Chair Journey’s next stop after the Badlands & Deadwood, SD was Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The picture above was the day we arrived. I was so excited to see the Tetons again. I couldn’t wait to get to Jackson Hole, get settled in and show Terry the town. I figured I could shoot the Red Chair photo the next day but then….


You know what, it didn’t matter.

The Red Chair looked out over the Tetons, the rain drizzling, the low clouds hiding the mountains tallest, sharpest points but yet she could still feel their force. What stirred her soul that day was the respect that Mother Nature commands. The power of the mountain range breaking through the earth, the jagged edges showing that broken is beautiful. How small we really are….

Travel Tips: This ended up being a great time to travel because it was the off season. We were able to stay at some of the best hotels for great deals.

In Jackson Hole, we stayed at the historic Wort Hotel. A very cool thing they offer is to have local beer delivered to your room upon arrival. It was exactly what we needed and loved having the variety to try. We ate at the Silver Dollar Grill/Bar in the hotel because of a few reasons – it was recommended from a friend (Bob Stephenson) that use to live in Jackson and also because on Tuesday nights, they have a Blue Grass Band. The food, service and music were fantastic. A bunch of locals come on Tuesday nights to dance, which made the atmosphere even 100 times better.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Bunnery. I did a lot of research before we left to find the best spots to eat and local favorites. Thank you to TripAdvisor and Fodor Travel – all the forums on those sites are so helpful. Again, we were lucky to get right in without a wait for a wonderful, made from scratch, locally sourced breakfast due to it being the off season.


Then we were off to Park City, Uah! Thank you to AAA for our TripTix, Maps and being able to check in on weather conditions, new routes and construction. Having a map in my lap = soul stirring.


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