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The Guthrie Theater presents a Full Circle Theater production of Under This Roof by Barbara Kingsley and directed by James A. Williams. 

May 4-20, 2018 – Dowling Studio

Guthrie Theater has devoted the Dowling Studio space to the creation of theater that wrestles with urgent questions and inspires dialogue.

This show definitely does that.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  

Set in June 1948, in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood, Mamie and Raymond find themselves in a difficult situation due to a recent accident. They don’t want to ask for help but realize they must in order to survive. Based on a recommendation from a close friend, they hire a woman for in-home help who is also facing her own struggles. When she shows up at their door, it’s quite a shock and the story begins.

Under This Roof struck me in many ways. The most being how society has taught us to think a certain way, to judge people, to make assumptions. We are human and we all do it, many times unintentionally because it’s so ingrain. But when we are open and share our truth, that’s when true friendship can begin.

This is a story of love. The strength of love when faced with hard times and how our journey isn’t always what we plan. We will all have something unexpected happen in our lives, it’s inescapable. We make promises, we have dreams but our paths are almost always altered.

Along with a great show, the 9th floor of the Guthrie is such a wonderful experience because of the location and views. We love to treat ourselves at the Sea Change and then after the show, enjoy the amazing Minneapolis views!

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For tickets and more information, click: Guthrie Theater

The mission of Full Circle Theater is to produce heartfelt, groundbreaking theater that artfully addresses issues of diversity and social justice for the 21st century audiences. Learn more here: https://www.fullcircletheatermn.org

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