Mamma Mia! – The Ordway

Ann Michels, Emilio Ramos, Ben Bakken, and the cast of Mamma Mia! Photo by Rich Ryan.

The Ordway kicks off their 2018-19 Broadway Series perfectly with the Tony Award-winning musical, Mamma Mia!. Incredible show, cast, and music!

I know most of the world knows the story but here’s a quick overview. 😉

A cherished story of friendship, love, and family set on a beautiful Greek island where a mother, her daughter, and three probable dads find their way back to each other and just in time for a wedding. The story is told through many of ABBA’s greatest hits like “Dancing Queen”, “Take a Chance on Me”, “Thank You for the Music” and “SOS”.

The all-new Ordway Original production is directed by Martha Banta, the associate director for Mamma Mia! on Broadway; and features choreography by award-winning London-based artist Mitch Sebastian, and a cast composed of a variety of Minnesota talent and national artists.

The mix of the cast was impeccable and it’s always so fun to see local favorites. Ann Michels was meant for the role of Tanya, she inspires me every time I see her on stage. Erin K. Schwab (Rosie) always has such a strong presence bringing life and laughter. Christine Sherrill (Donna) is making her Ordway debut and was part of the national touring production.

I love these ladies! I saw the show last Thursday and I’m still smiling and singing! 🎶

Erin K. Schwab, Producing Artistic Director Rod Kaats, Christine Sherrill, and Ann Michels for Mamma Mia!. Photo by Rich Ryan.

Quote from the new Producing Artistic Director, Rod Kaats:

They literally dance their way through life with an irresistible mix of self-deprecating humor and fortitude that makes them nothing less than heroic.

That quotes nails it. That is LIFE.

We are all going to go through hard times, we are going to be afraid, we will have our hearts broken but with friends and family, we can dance, sing and keep our sense of humor.

Now more than ever, it touched my soul seeing three strong women on stage telling this story. A story where woman are fierce and don’t need to “depend” on men. I never thought that would be so relevant in 2018.

Like the Ordway says:

You ABBA-solutely can’t miss this ultimate feel-good summer musical at the Ordway!

You can get your tickets HERE and make sure to check out the Ordway Extras – unique events on different nights!

Dieter Bierbrauer, Christine Sherrill, and the cast of Mamma Mia!. Photo by Rich Ryan.
Patrick Connaghan and Caroline Innerbichler in Mamma Mia!. Photo by Rich Ryan.

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