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Keep it simple.

The best things in life are right in front of you.

I hear people say all the time that they wish they could do this or that based on what they see on social media. Today’s “Mondays are for daydreaming” post is a reminder to put your phone down and see the inspiration all around you. Yes, we can get inspired by what we see on social but if we are getting sad or comparing ourselves, we need to step back and keep it in perspective. We have to remember that everyone has different priorities and different lives but that doesn’t mean ours is less or more.

It’s all about our view.  

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The little things that we take for granted.

Sitting on a patio, the flowers in our backyard, or a walk through a neighborhood park. I was thinking about this a lot after recent conversations and as I walked with Terry through Westwood Hills Nature Center.


Westwood Hills Nature Center is a 160-acre natural area featuring marsh, woods, and restored prairie. The preserve is beautiful throughout the seasons and provides homes for many animals, including deer, turtles, fox, mink and owls. (from Westwood Hills Nature Center’s website

They also offer many programs, camps, and activities run by professionally trained naturalists. It’s a little piece of heaven in the middle of the city.  A perfect spot for kids AND adults to play and learn.


We saw so many turtles! The more we looked, the more we saw.

The next time you’re feeling uninspired, take a walk. A slow walk. Take a few deep breaths and look around. Take your shoes off and put your feet in the grass. Even just 20 minutes outside can help stress and anxiety.





Literally, stop and smell the flowers.

Have a great start to your week and remember to keep it simple!

Your life is full of abundance.


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