One Blanket, Two Hearts

The human connection. 

Traveling always offers the most interesting conversations and connections with strangers. Each encounter teaches us something and leaves an imprint.

While staying at Jackson Lake Lodge, on a brisk early morning, we met Adel.

One of our favorite things to do is to take the Jackson Lake Breakfast Cruise to Elk Island. We’ve learned from the past that mountain mornings on the boat can be pretty chilly and this year we packed a blanket.

Photo Aug 14, 10 35 24 AM

Jackson Lake Lodge Breakfast Cruise

After we arrived on the island, the sun was rising and I started warming up. I unwrapped from the blanket and had it resting in my arms while talking with the ship captain. An older, beautiful, petite woman walked up and stood next to me. I thought she was waiting to talk to the captain but shivering, she said…

“It’s so cold, isn’t it?”

As I started to answer her, I realized how cold she was and asked…

“Do you want to use my blanket?”

Her face lit up and she said, “Yes, thank you, thank you!” 

She wrapped herself in it and my heart smiled. I felt so thankful that we brought the blanket and that I could share it with her. She kept herself wrapped in it all through breakfast and on the boat ride back. When we got back to the dock, we reconnected and she gave us this advice…

Photo Aug 14, 10 55 40 AM

“Stay together, trust each other and love each other.” – Adel

We hugged and as she walked away she said ” You’re an angel on earth.” which is exactly what I thought about her. That morning, strangers connected over a blanket. I will never forget Adel. ❤️

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