Fay Canyon Trail Sedona Arizona

Hiking Fay Canyon Trail Sedona Arizona

Fay Canyon Trail – Sedona, Arizona in the enchanted Coconino National Forest is an easy to moderate trail without much elevation gain. The moss and greenery among the red rocks stood out to us along with the awe-inspiring sandstone formations overhead.

The trail is an out and back 2.4 mile hike. There is a secret natural arch to keep an eye out for or you will miss it. Check out the Sedona Hiking App for directions and details. On this hike, we decided to bring our ukulele just for fun. I don’t know how to play it yet but it’s one of my goals. I wanted to snap some pictures with it against the red rocks. The ukulele ended up bringing us much more than we expected!

When we made it to the end of the of maintained trail, we met a couple who asked us about the ukulele.

We chatted a little bit and the gentleman asked if he could play it. He even tuned it for us and then…

It was so fun to listen to him play on the trail with the sound echoing off the rocks. We had a great conversation and exchanged some recommendations. It continues to amaze me how we can meet complete strangers on the trail and become fast friends. We started working our way back and then met a woman who asked us about the ukulele. She also asked if she could play it.

She was such a sweetheart and helped Terry learn a few chords.

This ended up being one of our all time favorite hikes because we got so much joy out of listening to people play and our conversations. Sometimes it’s more than the trail. ❤️

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Safe travels! Don’t forget – leave no trace.

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