Thank God for Marijuana

As many of you know, I have Dystonia. (You can read more about my Dystonia story HERE) It’s a movement disorder characterized by persistent or intermittent muscle contractions. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and almost impossible to relax. Sometimes my brain feels like it’s in a vice….a grip so tight that I can’t escape or control my movements.

I was fortunate to be one of the first Dystonia patients in Minnesota to be approved for medical cannabis. I was very nervous and scared to try it. I’m not pretending to be innocent in regards to marijuana. I’ve just never wanted to take meds daily that would make me feel loopy or off. My Neurologist has given me plenty of pain meds too that I chose not to take. Taking those meds meant I couldn’t work, which meant I would have to go on disability. I’ve been getting Botox injections for over 10 years to control the pain and did many, many alternative treatments.

I’ve also been a bit afraid to post this or tell many people because of the stigma associated with medical marijuana and marijuana in general. BUT over the last 8 months, I’ve become very passionate about it as I’ve noticed the benefits and changes in myself. The world is insane with all the bad/FAKE information out there. I feel obligated to educate and share my experience.

FIRST of all….what many people don’t know is that there are many different types of cannabis. The medicinal cannabis that they give children and what I take during the day doesn’t have as much THC. It’s a balance of THC and another part of the plant called CBD.

I don’t get “high” – what I DO get is amazing….

  • My pain is the lowest it’s been in years.
  • My ability to focus is a million times better because I’m not fighting as many spasms. 
  • Because of the two reasons above, my anxiety level is at an all time low. 
  • I haven’t been able to walk in over ten years without holding/touching my face (It’s a trick that many with Dystonia do to keep their head in a normal position) – with the cannabis, I’ve actually been able to walk normally. 
  • I’ve been able to go without Botox. 

I’m very frustrated that something that can be SO HELPFUL to so many has been made out to be such a “bad” thing for you. I’m very frustrated that it’s illegal for me to have my medicine in certain states. I’m very frustrated that I can’t travel with my medicine. I’m very frustrated that medical insurance will pay $3000 every 11 weeks for me to get Botox injections, will cover all kinds of scary pain meds but NOT my cannabis.

This has to end and minds need to be opened.

The above photo is a picture of one of my cards from my Red Chair Journey. Perfect, right?!

More to come….

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2 thoughts on “Thank God for Marijuana

  1. I am so happy to find a dystonia blog. 🙂 getting to hear others stories make it so I don’t feel so alone fighting this torture. Super glad to hear the success in the medicinal marijuana. All my doctors refuse pain medication, they stick with the chronic pain fixes like anti depressants and over the counter meds. It’s rough, I wish while going through a dystonic episode I could have these meds. But, it really is safer not to have them. I live in Iowa so just recently oils were accepted and are going have 4 stores in the state. Bleh. So, hopefully I can be one of the firsts here too. Lol

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